Olive oil and Beauty Back

Olive oil and Skin

Our skin continuously undergoes structural damage and repair. Factors such as ultra-violet rays in sunlight and ageing generate free radicals. Such factors also accelerate the damage and decrease the skin’s ability to self-repair.
Olive oil is a natural inhibitor for skin damage by neutralizing the free radicals with its pronounced antioxidant effect through its flavonoids and vitamins content.
Regular application of olive oil keeps the skin lustrous and soft. Postnatal women have found olive oil effective in improving stretch marks.

Olive Oil and Hair

Since ancient times, olive oil has been extensively used in beauty therapy. Massaging the hair and scalp with olive oil helps invigorate the scalp and nourish the hair, leaving it healthier, more vibrant and manageable. People have also found olive oil helpful in curbing hair loss and dandruff problems.

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