The founder of Laleli Back

An indisputable lover of olive oil. A medical doctor. A research scientist. An academician. An internationally-renowned expert in nuclear medicine and radiobiology. An education philanthropist. The aforesaid describes in a nutshell the founder of LALELI brand of olive oil, Dr. Yahya R. Laleli.

Dr. Laleli was trained as a medical doctor in Istanbul, Turkey and later specialized in biochemistry, nuclear medicine and radiobiology at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA. There, he taught and researched in nuclear medicine. Apart from lecturing medical students in biochemistry and nuclear medicine, Dr. Laleli was a consultant for the Istanbul International Hospital and Turkish Ministry of Health.

Dr. Laleli was conferred two professorships in Biochemistry and Nuclear Medicine. To date, he has over 50 international publications and contributed to books internationally used by academicians. Dr. Laleli is widely acclaimed as a pioneer expert for his significant contributions to the advancement of Nuclear Medicine and Radioimmunoassay studies in Turkey. He is the founder and director of both Duzen Laboratories Group specializing in clinical diagnostic tests, research, control and development, and Duzen-Norwest, an international food and environmental laboratory.

Since retirement from the universities, Dr. Laleli is exceptionally active and fully devoted to the relentless research to produce the best olive oil and pro bono contributions to the society. Dr. Laleli is an active member (and Founding Member) of many international and Turkish scientific and medical associations involved in clinical research of disease control and prevention. He also sits on the Board of Education Foundation aimed at promoting the standard of education in Turkey.