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Biological Sciences Research Development and Production Inc.,the founder of Düzen Laboratories Group, established the Food and Enviroment Health Laboratory in cooperation with NORWEST LABS of Canada, to use its technological means and knowledge for the benefit of our society.

"Taylieli Olive And Olive Oil Enterprise" is founded to put the activities of our new laboratory into practice. We preferred such olive oil industry because of our founders' family ties in Edremit Gulf Region. The purpose is to prove that it is possible to obtain a different olive oil both in the aspect of taste and the amount of organoleptics it contents, using the measurements of every stage of production from the preparation of soil to bottling.

This laboratory also aims to provide service to other food producers and ready to control every product you want.

We can evaluate the contents of olive oil in two groups. These are, main substances and subsidiary substances. The subsidiary substances are formed of vitamins,antioxidants ,organoleptics . They are responsible for most of the positive impacts of olive oil in our health and determine the quality level of the olive oil. The more we follow the measurements and learn about these substances, the more we improve the methods of extration,seperation and storage to protect them and make them integrate into the oil in their natural forms.

Since our main foundation DÜZEN LABORATORIES enable us to make and follow analytical measurements, we follow production stages of each product. The cromotograms of the analysis of our Extra Natural Virgin Olive Oils Selection, Early Harvest and Special Blend are given below.